This is going to be a list of books recommended by photographers to other photographers. Have a book that you think should be here? Let me know!

Recommended by Cory Parris:

The Brand Called You
Creating Customer Evangelists

Recommended by Marc Andrews of Studio 306:

Purple cow *
Selling the invisible
What clients love
How to create, win, and dominate markets
The big Moo
All Seth godin books*
Brand Hijack*
Love is the killer app + the likeability factor*
The world is flat
Good to great*
Built to last*
Never eat alone*
Giants of enterprise*
How to win friends and influence people*
The Tipping Point

2 comments on “Booklist
  1. I’ve read a few of Seth Godin’s books and they’re fantastic. I’ve been thinking about writing a book about how to get started in the wedding photography business, but still have to pick up the pen and paper. Kepp up the good work!

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