The Boda Bag

It is really cool that one of my favorite products is made by a friend of mine. I love my Boda Bag and my friend Jim Garner just sent over the newest copies of them. The Boda Dry and the Boda Dry Jr. Keeping with the original bag, they are the most comfortable I have ever had with me. They are designed to be used when shooting as opposed to transporting your gear. Because of the more specialized intended use, they fit the needs of a busy wedding or portrait photographer better than any other bag I’ve use.


The new thing about these bags is that they are waterproof and will protect your gear in a rainstorm. This makes sense for me and Jim that are from the home of liquid sunshine here in Seattle. Also, he came out with a new, smaller size for someone wanted to carry one large or a couple smaller lenses stacked. Very cool. I see myself taking that one on vacation more than shooting because I shoot primes and switch out my lenses fairly often.


One more thought on the Boda is that Jim has done a great job of branding the bag. A couple of the photos I took were specifically to show off the number of times it says Boda on this thing. I counted 10 on the outside not counting the strap and the interior which say Boda repeatedly! Nice marketing!



I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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8 comments on “The Boda Bag
  1. Angela Smith says:

    These are fantastic!

  2. Steve Webel says:

    Looks like a nice bag!

    However, the amount of ‘branding’ is a real put-off to me, and most serious photographers that I know. You seem to think it’s a great thing, thats puzzling to me. Why would anyone want to be a walking advertisement – especially for a bag that costs about a $100usd more than it’s mainstream competitors!?

    I travel internationally quite a bit, and I regularly cover over all logos with gaffer’s tape – it is just a way to ward off some thieves and to generally just be more ‘low key.’ The level of branding on this bag would be a serious ‘con’ if I were considering it’s purchase.

    Having said all of that, the ‘pros’ for this bag are great!

  3. ken says:

    Ditto on covering logos while travelling. I do the same. Overkill #logos IMHO. Please let Jim Garner know…

  4. Cory Parris says:

    Hey guys,
    My feeling is that this bag is meant for use while shooting rather than carrying all your gear while traveling. However, the really only noticeable spots are on the zipper pulls. A little gaffer’s tape on the those and it would be just a nice black bag. The stamped leather on the side is not as visible as shown on the sides.

    As far as marketing from the perspective of Jim and the Boda bag, I do think it’s great. It is an example to all of us on how to brand ourselves.

  5. Bag wars! This is what we call Pro Gears!

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