Using Flash isn’t hard!

Using off-camera flash seems like something difficult to do.  It isn’t.  Once you get over the mental hurdles involved, it is really quite simple.  To illustrate, I have an image that I really like that I took this last fall.


This image was really simple to create.  I took the couple out of the reception at sunset.  Then I set camera to the setting I wanted to expose the background.  When doing this, I usually underexpose the background by about 1 stop to create the deeper, richer colors.  So the ambient exposure that I set was 1/250, f8 at ISO 400 on my 30D.  Next, I decided I wanted the light to hit the couple from the left.  Then, I set up flash, which was an Nikon SB-25 on a small lightstand fired directly at them.  The flash was set to about 1/4 (might have been 1/8)  to properly expose the couple to “normal” density of the skin tones.  Finally, I put the groom where I wanted them and told the bride to go get him.  Pretty simple!  You can see more of my most recent work on my blog.


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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5 comments on “Using Flash isn’t hard!
  1. Cal says:

    But how do you figure out how far to put the flash and what power setting to use without a lot of trial and error?

  2. Cory Parris says:

    Hey Cal,
    It is just trial and error. You decide where you want the flash to come from, take a test shot, and adjust. Takes less than a minute to figure it out.

  3. dancewicz says:


    Good advise here. I too take the flash off, and in most cases use 2 flashes and fire one remotely. It’s not hard, it does take a new mind set and approach. I guess a lot of wedding photographers are not brave enough to give it a go.

    Another good way of getting different light is to use a mono pod and attach a remote trigger to it…



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