A couple more for the “Cool Photo” Contest

These images come from Ellen McRayney from Atlanta.


This image was taken at the end of a reception, right before the bride and
groom made their exit. It was an afternoon wedding/reception, so there was
plenty of light coming in through the windows. I asked the bride to stand
facing the windows, which were covered by white sheerish fabric, and hold her
bouquet behind her back. In photoshop, I cropped the image to be square then
duplicated the background layer. The bride had warned me before the wedding
that she had sports bra tan lines that she would prefer not to see if possible
in her pictures. They were very evident in this image across her back and
shoulder, so I used the healing brush and patch tool to remove tan lines on the
separate layer. I put a 10 point black stroke around the square image because
I wanted there to be a definitive line where the image ended. With the white
curtains and the white dress, I felt like the items in the image needed an
ending point. Then I added a gaussian blur (again on a separate layer). This
gave a nice glow to the image, softened skin, dress, veil, including softening
the black stroke at the edge of the image. I added a black mask to the
gaussian blur layer (alt-mask icon at the bottom of layers palette for PC) and
painted detail back into the critical areas with the brush tool (flowers,
jewelry) and with a decreased opacity brush tool brought back in a little more
detail to the areas of contrast and to the bride herself.


This image was taken just after the ceremony as the bride and groom walked out of the church and it is actually my sister.  I knew that Craig and Rebecca were excited about having the Rolls to drive them from the church to the reception, so I knew I wanted to incorporate the car into the shots.  The processing was minimal.  I shoot everything RAW, so I opened the image in Bridge, bumped up the exposure just slightly and gave it a low dark vignette (-36).  Saved it and it was done.


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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