Another “Cool Photo” Entry!

This entry comes from Maurice Photo in Seattle.


The bride was standing on a concrete platform that raised her up a little
bit. I crouched down to get the low perspective. The hardest part was
bouncing light back on her face. As you can see the sun is very harsh
across the right side of her face, so we bounced some light back in using
a white reflector. This helped brighten up the shadow side. It was also
shot RAW, and developed in CS3. The new fill light adjustment in CS3 was
helpful in bringing up the brightness in the shadows as well.

The movement of the veil is completely from the wind that was blowing. I
like this shot because of that. I sometimes cheat a little and have an
assistant lift the veil and run out of the frame, but the result never
looks as good as when you have wind blowing it naturally like in this


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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