Some more really “Cool Photo” contest entries!

These entries come from Sara at Whitebox Weddings!


The bride, Kristen, is an actress and a make-up junkie.  This ring shot was taken on the cover of one of her favorite books,  Making Faces, by makeup artist Kevin Naucoin.

We were waiting for Kristen to get the finishing touches on her makeup so we played around with a few different ring set ups, but this was our favorite.   Melanie is the detail specialist of our dynamic duo, so she used the Canon 5D with the 100 macro to get this fun and quirky shot.  Window light created the soft light.  There was not much to do in photoshop other than slightly adjust the levels and do a little bit of dodging and burning on the details.


This is a filmstrip that we created using a series of 3 photos that were taken just after Carrie and Eric’s ceremony.  They had such a cool wedding.  The weekend long event took place at a camp in the mountains of NC.  We shoot as a team.  Usually we are both shooting with different focal length lenses or from different angels, but during this moment Melanie was using the 5D with the 50mm 1.4  and I was talking to the couple… will never know what we were talking about, but don’t you wish you were there!  In photoshop we used some of the amazing Boutwell totally rad actions.  We like to use the boring black and white action and warm it up a bit.  We also added some grain to these images.  The filmstrip border is one of David Jay’s showit borders.


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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One comment on “Some more really “Cool Photo” contest entries!
  1. forchilli says:

    that is an amazing photo.

    and i love what your doing with this blog. i really do.
    im trying to get into wedding photography myself.

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