Another “Cool Photo” Entry!

These images come from Ed Pingol in San Francisco


about 10 minutes after the sun sets is when this image was shot. it was getting pretty dark so i had to crank up the iso a bit to 800. dragged the shutter to .10th second hand held and flash was triggered via pocket wizard. the strobe used is a very old SB-24 (very cheap – buy one) mounted on a mono pod held by my lovely wife. the flash settings was at 24mm wide 1/16th power.


shooting agains the sun, camera setting was 100iso 250th @ f/13 (i believe it was). flash setting is at full power, 50mm zoom and was triggered by pocket wizard held 5ft from the ground by my brother. my wife was just watching and holding jasmin’s purse for this particular shot. the tube was this huge-ribbed thingie which gaives us those cool circles.


camera setting was 100iso 30th @ f19. this smooths out the water falling and also gives us enough ambient light to light the whole scenery. monica, my wife is hiding behind the falling water on the left side (notice i didn’t clone her out so you can see her head) holding a SB-24 triggered by a pocket wizard mounted on a monopod.


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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2 comments on “Another “Cool Photo” Entry!
  1. sara says:

    that is a crazy cool shot in the “ribbed thingy”!

  2. Neil Cowley says:

    That’s a great shot in the drainage pipe, way to make it come alive!

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