More Cool Photo Contest Entries!

These three are from John Crozier


This shot is one of my favorites of the summer. Dan grew up in Chester California and since it was a small town knew practically everyone living there. This is a shot that he really wanted me to get of him and his bride Julie in this beautiful field. The barn is so old that it is considered a historical landmark. The barn had some great colors too which made it fun to include. I wanted to give this image a more vintage feel so I toned down the colors of their skintones and the sky using presets in lightroom. Next I brought it into PS and blurred the bottom with a simple feathered gaussian blur. I used a soft light layer to burn in the sky and to create a vignette. Overall I really wanted to create a very dramatic, vintage, and romantic feel to this image. I like their pose which is both simple and elegant. The way that I shot it it almost appears as if they are elevated or levitating. I did this by laying in the grass, (something I do often) being careful to avoid snakes and other things that bite. Overall this image really works for me. I hope you like it.


This shot was taken on the Chihuly bridge in Downtown Tacoma. It is fairly experimental for me because I rarely play with slow shutter speeds. I decided that a dead center composition would make the image fairly interesting. I focused my camera, set it to f/22 1/10s and fired away at 5fps. right at this moment the brides veil blew off. I like the capture. The processing is an extreme version of a sunset/xprocess effect that I have been working on. In PS I open a color balance tab and then select the highlights button. I then add yellow and red. I do the same to midtones. With shadows I add cyan, blue and green. This turns highlights yellowish and adds a xprocessed look to shadows. There are a lot of things wrong with this image such as the blown out sidewalk, and the blown dress. I like it because it is so different from what I usually shoot.

This shot was taken at the same wedding. This is in Tacoma at the Glass museum. There are three things that I love about this image.
1. The muted colors. I love the color of the stairs and the color of the tower.
2. The lines. The lines on the tower and the lines of the stairs all lead towards the couple.
3. I didn’t notice this ’til now but there is a definite “S” shape formed by the reflection of the clouds in the tower.

Processing was rather simple. I started in LR with one of my vintage presets. Then in PS i burnt in the tower and pulled out a little more of the blue of the sky.


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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3 comments on “More Cool Photo Contest Entries!
  1. I love these photos! I’m looking to get into to wedding photography (mostly to help lay for more equipment)….these photos are inspirational!


  2. These are really great! I would love to participate sometime as well. 🙂
    Take care,

  3. Oh man these are amazing!!!! I love the first picture alot. Man its so good. all of them are great but the first one just makes you want to stop and take a breath. Wow!!!!

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