More Cool Photo Contest Entries!

These images for the Cool Photo Contest come from Chris of Jen Stewart Photography.


Felipe is the kind of groom if I could choose to have all the time for weddings. He was just so laid back and was pretty much open to anything I suggested to him. As we got to the house where the Guys were getting ready, he had a lot of friends come and just want to be with him during his special day. We stepped back into the back of the house and Felipe and his brother got ready for the day ahead. I was just telling them as I shot away, “just pretend I am not here” and they were so cool. They had a lot of fun in the room and were acting so funny and at one point they both were acting like ganstas. Un fortunately I didn’t get that shot. The wedding catour for the groom and the best man were so simple but so stylish. Just a nice button up shirt, and some light slacks, and sandals, just like if they were getting married in Hawaii on the beach ( which their theme was beach). What I did to the picture was I added a few things to it like I brought the shadows up more in the photo and then added a mocha B&W and mixed it with a deep choclate sepia action (thanks to kabota actions!)


As the day went on and the guys had a drink and cigar to start things off before the ceremony started, Felipe had asked me prior to the wedding day that he wasnted some fun pictures with him and the guys and was open to anything, so I had done this picture of a band a while back having them jump in the air and do anything crazy that comes to mind like karate kicks, or as one guy asked “like the old Toyota commercials?” I laughed and ttold him “EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!” I had felipe stand off to the side a bit and had the rest of the guys get really tight in and as I counted down 3…….2……..1……They took off into the air and the picture came out awesome!! I love the sun right behind Felipe’s head with the solar flare coming down across his face and the look back he has looking at his buds, just a fun picture. I Bumped the contrast up some and brought the shadows up a tad to bring out the details of the solar flare and of his friends as well.

Thanks to Chris for sending these in!


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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