Cool Photo Contest – First Entries!

Here are the first entries for the Cool Photo Contest courtesy of Sean Watson Photography in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!


This image tells my brides full story. Chiara was so much fun to work
with and not only that she was open to all my ideas. I have always
been a big fan of finding color in my images. As we were walking
around the church I noticed this old run down store across the street
with a bright yellow/orange door. I then asked Chiara to run over
there and place herself in front of the door. I then asked her to
pose and “work” the crowd as they drove by. She did just that and we
had every car honking as they drove by.

I worked this file by adding a vignette on the edges. I then
duplicated another layer and changed the blending mode to soft light
for that added punch and bright contrast. The final step was to add a
little blur to the edges to make sure your eye is drawn right to the


Anya was another one of those brides that was open to my suggestions.
This was a different wedding for me because we had 4 hours of
downtime between the ceremony and reception (which I dont recommend).
With the extra time I decided to spend two hours getting images that
I wanted! After a little bit of time the bride and groom were getting
thirsty and wanted to get a beer at the local irish pub. As we went
in there Anya (the bride) wanted to graffitti a dollar and hang it on
the wall with the thousand others. After she was done she gave the
dollar to the bartender and the bartendars response was “what song
are you going to sing”? Little did she know that she had to get on
the bar and sing a song to get her dollar on the wall! But being the
trooper that she is, she was all for it. This image is the outcome of
the sing and if your wonder what the song was…….it was itsy bitsy

The file has a little photoshop done to it. I first duplicated the
layer and then added a gradient map B&W layer. I then changed that
B&W layer mode to soft light which gives you this puncy desaturated
look to the image. I then opened the midtones a bit using levels and
then flattened the image to its current state.

Thanks to Sean for his entries!


I love photography, my family, and owning my own business. I am going to mix them up and see what I get!

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One comment on “Cool Photo Contest – First Entries!
  1. I love these pics. The bride looks like she was alot of fun. great shots!!

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